18 May 2009

Gaming Begins

I bought my first PC in 2004 having configuration: 2.5 Gz P4, 128MB of RAM, 40 GB HDD, CD-R, 15'' Monitor. With 16 MB shared graphics I was left with 112MB of RAM but the worst part was its SiS chipset which is known for its bad graphics and also a 4x AGP slot (not 8x !) and with this combination gaming was just a dream. However in 2007 I did a full upgrade with 1GB RAM (Max supported!), an Nvidia FX 5 series 8x 256 MB card and a 160 GB hard drive, this enabled me to play the games which were released in 2005 or before. This was a branded PC from Compaq IL-5030 Series.

This time I decided to assemble a PC with my configuration, which can play latest games coming out in the market as well as next two years games with a little part upgrades. So I went for this configuration:

AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE
ATI 4870 1 GB DDR5
4GB DDR2 800 MHz (will upgrade to 8GB soon!)
Biostar TA 790GX 128MB Mobo with Crossfire (I can put one more Gfx Card :D)
500GB HDD + 320GB (Ext) + 500GB (Ext) - will add another 1.5 TB internal HDD
Here are a few screenshots of NFS Undercover (with 1440x900 @ 75 Hz):

Click on the image to see the full resolution image. FYI currently I am playing NFS and Crysis.

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