24 May 2009

Crysis Ends

Finished playing Crysis, it was a great fun ride with a lot of action and also with a last moment crysis. Last level of Crysis has got a huge memory leak, it starts using 100% RAM and hangs. Patch 1.2 helps and running the game in DX 9 mode improves performance. This is how to set the Crysis in DirectX 9 mode: Open the Game Explorer (Vista) and right click on the Crysis icon.

The game is smaller than I expected, I was thinking in the line of FarCry but still it was fun playing Crysis. Downloading Crysis Warhead. One screenshot from last level of Crysis:

Also finished playing NFS Undercover, it is similar to Carbon, but again its just another NFS (Let me forget the Prostreet Horror!).

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