07 June 2009

Overclocking Phenom II 940BE with Biostar TA790GX 128MB

I tried the Automate OverClock given in the Bios but it didn’t work, kept getting the blue screens on Vista x64. Tried to get the info about manual overclock option on the Google with no luck. Therefore I explored all the options which were available in the Bios. Here is how to over clock Phenom II 940 by increasing the Multiplier: (Will show how to overclock upto 3.6Ghz)

Step0: Disable Cool N Quiet in the Bios

Step1: Go to your bios T-Series tab, select Manual OverClock option

Step2: Click on the CPU FID/UID Control and Enable the Custom P-States

Step3: Select a Core FID

Note: Select a multiplier which your system can handle, higher multiplier means higher frequency hence it requires higher voltage which means higher CPU temperature. You need a very good cooling system (Cabinet!) for keeping your CPU temp low at higher frequencies.

Step4: Select a suitable voltage according the frequency selected in Step3 by clicking on the Core VID on the same screen. For 3.6Ghz select a voltage 1.4000V or little high but not very high.
Note: Over Clocking reduces the CPU life because of high voltage and temp. So if you want your CPU to last long (5+ years) don't go for over clocking.


  1. You can automate overclock with Phenommsrtrweaker. I have the same mobo and CPU. check my blog how to do that http://mytechencounters.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/overclock-your-phenom-cpu-and-save-power-simultaneously/