03 January 2010

Bad Old Year! Happy New Year!

2009: One of the worst years of my life!

Here are a few facts which support above statement:

1. Got cheated for USB modem in March.
2. Got chicken-pox in April.
3. Lost money in shares in June
4. Father got into a major accident in Oct.
5. Got back pain in Nov.
6. Troubles at workplace (Whole Year!)

There were a few good moments too:

1. Got a beautiful niece (Asmi) on 7th March.
2. Had fun with college friends in Ahemdabad and Mumbai.
3. Watched following TV Series:
1) The Sopranos
2) Carnivale
3) Scrubs
4) Dead Like Me
5) 24
6) The Life and Times of Tim
7) Rome
8) John Adams
9) Avatar the last Airbender
10) Psych
11) That 70's Show
12) Curb Your Enthusiasm
13) Dexter
14) Heroes
15) Bones
2010: Expectations!

1. Complete the development of 9am.in, algowiki.com, showthe.info/about, paltan.org, index3r.com
2. Complete remaining TV series: The Wire, OZ, Deadwood, Futurama, Meerkat Manor, Generation Kill, Mash, Six Feet Under,Twin Peaks, From the Earth to the Moon
3. Self Employment
4. Get a powerful server for natmac.org

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