06 January 2010

Enable GZip Compression on Glassfish v3

Login to https://localhost:4848 (admin panel). Go to the Network Config > Network Listener and select the listener for which you want to enable gzip. Click on the HTTP tab, see below:

Scroll down until you get the following entries:

Select Compression= on, Put the mime types and click on Save button.
Its done!!


  1. I am using firefox yslow plugin to test it. I found it's not working

  2. This might not work in Glassfish v3.0 due to a bug.
    Please see : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7193374/glassfish-3-gzip-compression-does-not-work-for-jsp

  3. You guys also pay attention to the "minimum file size" field, set it to 0 then all your files will be compressed.